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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Banjo Faces the South....

The farmer is close to God. 

Bill Futch, in Liberty County, GA, raises 3 maybe 4 gardens a year! 
Growing things is bout a 6-week process, so he starts 
planting/growing/watering/harvesting in March and goes till November! 
See – the south is the place to be! 
You ought to see Bill’s watermelons! 
Hush my mouth! They “beat all!"

I’m amazed at how many church people there are in the deep South. 

Draw a 500 mile line from Savannah to Mobile - that’s an imaginary 
line that travels thru “holiness nation”! Sanctified people have taken over down there!

The strong agrarian economies of Alabama and Georgia are also 
home to many huge military installations. These factors combined
with that great deep south/southern gospel/camp meeting mentality 
have always made it a traveling preachers paradise! 

Oftentimes revivals are well attended by [far from home] soldiers 

and their families. It’s no surprise that Lady Pastor Lucille Floyd, 
now in her eighties, has had such success at Fort Stewart in Hinesville. 

At my last count - there are over 60 thousand people at Fort Stewart!

You can still find lotz of modest ladies with hairdos and plain faces 
in churches below the Mason-Dixon! And the young people still 

say “yes Sir” and “yes Mam!”

When church Yankees retire and move to Florida they move one state too far! 
Now I know that Albany and Dothan and Bainbridge are not quite as warm 
as Fort Myers but the commonness of the people causes me to love it.

And you gotta love the music of the South! 
How they sing!

I started holding revivals around Savannah when I was a teen-ager for 

Pastor C.M. Butler. And I’ve never forgot my first dose of Southern hospitality.

When Mr. Carrier invented the AC it increased the population of the deep south exponentially. I've made the 21-mile trek down thru Atlanta many times and when you come out on the south side of Atlanta, it’s like being awakened to warm and mild forces. And the north/south balance of Georgia and Alabama is so neat! Cool mountains at the top and warm low country at the bottom!

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