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Friday, August 13, 2010

Caution! Internet Ahead! ~ 5 Net Warnings From TF

I'm not a historical expert on inventions, but me thinks the Internet might be the most important earthly thing ever made.

 It has changed the world, Record companies are becoming obsolete, the post office is losing millions, we don't "develop" film or buy many stamps anymore and eventually the Internet will render a lot of film theaters unnecessary.

The Internet amazes me every day!
I'm a country preacher and for me to understand  something- it must be simple. The Internet, to me, is simply the "thing" that connects all the computers.

Amos said [3:7] when God does something big, He tells us about it. 
Maybe this whole cyber-thing was referred to by Daniel [12:4].
Everything is a contradiction. It's great and it's awful.
It seems like that when something has the potential of taking us to heaven - it will also take us to hell. 

All great things are two edged - TV, music, money, politics, physical beauty, drugs, electricity, etc. Is it the greatest thing? Yes. Is it the worst thing? Yes.

Five Internet warnings from Terry Fletcher

1. Electronic relationships are distorted. People say things in e-mail and chat rooms that they would never say in person. People develop relationships that would never happen in normal social settings. 

In Exodus 33:11 God says that "face to face" is the way friends speak.

Paul wrote lengthy letters to the Corinthian church but left some problems to be handled
in person. (1 Cor. 11:34).

In 2 John 12 the apostle John spoke of a need not just to write but to speak to his audience "face to face."

E-mail is useful for communicating with people you already know, but beware of the relationships that develop solely through the computer.

2. The net will never take the place of an old fashioned church service!  

Nothing is better than actual people coming together and worshipping God and listening to preaching - from a preacher that still reads the Bible!

3.Satan will use the Internet to trap good people. 

1 Peter 5:8 says, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."

You may sincerely intend never to go seeking wicked things on the Internet, but be assured that someday the devil will bring it to you. The strange woman "lieth in wait at every corner" (Proverbs 7:12) to catch a young man

4. Concentrate on your relationship with your spouse and family. 

Proverbs 5:19 advises men to find their joy and fulfillment in their own wife and family only. The principle also applies to singles - do not do anything that will damage a future relationship. 

The most important people are the ones in YOUR house not the cyber crowd! It troubled me, when I heard about a pastor that emailed his sermon to his members [from the pulpit!] instead of actually preaching to them. And teenagers! Quit texting during service! That burns me up!

5. The Bible still tells us not to waste time. And that even applies to "surfing".

"No-list" filters maintain a list of known bad sites which you are prohibited from visiting but new sites, and sites which change, can slip throughout.

"Yes-list" filters maintain a list of approved sites, and all others are blocked.

There is very little chance of a bad site getting through (unless a good site goes bad). However, many good sites are unreachable until added to the list. Yes-list filters are good for frequently visited sites but very difficult  to use for research and browsing.
"Rule-based" filters scan each web page as it comes in for bad content. New and changed pages can't slip through, but pictures can.

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