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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ministry of Music


I was moved to tears today as I listened to the Trace Adkins sing  "Welcome to Arlington".

"Arlington" begins with the fiddle playing taps and is a story told by a dead soldier as he is being interned into that great National Cemetery.

His grandfather is already buried there. And the man "crying in the big white house down the street" is the president.

There are a bunch of new country songs with very spiritual themes. Has country gone gospel?

Even though many of the new country songs don't have much theology in them they are very, very spiritual. It's really not all about theology anyway. People are less concerned about "being right" and more concerned with healing.

God gave us music to minister to our emotional needs.
The most loved chapter in the Bible [Ps. 23] is literally a sad song.

Miranda Lambert sings about the "House That Built Me". Going to a 2010 Randy Travis concert is like being in a revival and the George Straight tune "I Saw God" speaks volumes about this day of great crisis.

People are hurting - big time!!

The longest book in the Bible is a song book.
That lets us know that God wants to minister to our emotions.
He cares about all 3 parts of the soul - mind, will and emotion.

I could go on but as we preachers say, "I'll close with this"--- I often tell my sheep --

 "...be a little nicer than is necessary to everyone - because everyone is carrying a heavy load."

Matthew 11
"Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest". 

The Lord's not talking about giving you a "nap" but giving spiritual relief from a world of stress and sin.

Til next time,

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