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Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Dangers of the Internet

Melanie Walker
♫ Can You hear Jerusalem Moan?

♦ 1 Chronicles 12:32 ♦
Understanding of the Times
200 men of the children of Issachar

Shout Out!
Marcia Puliam, Cynthiana, Harrison County, KY

Sonny James
♫ Till the Last Shall Fall

Is the Internet prophesied in the Bible?
♦ Amos 3:11 ♦
♦ Daniel 12:4 ♦

Eddie Arnold
♫ The Robe

Shout Out!
Janet Minton Casey County KY (Battling cancer)
Jul and Jay Gilpin Rogersville, TN
Pastor Roy Smith , SW VA


Warning #1
Internet Relationships are distorted!
♦ 3rd John ♦
♦ Exodus 33:11 ♦
♦ 1 Cor 11:34 ♦

Shout Outs!
Pastor Pat and Mary Lynn Franks, Bigstone Gap VA
Bruce Davis, Morgan County KY
Rev Dale Yerton, Fort Smith, AR
Kendall Fowler, Austin TX
Bro. and Sis. Phil and Darcy Flynn, Bloomington, IN

Betty Jean Robinson
♫ Jacob's Ladder

Internet Warning #2
Internet cannot replace a physical church, 
the gathering of Christians and
the minister reading from the Word of God.

Shout Out!
Sister Mary Lou Amburgey (TN)

♫The Bluebirds Are Singing To Me
Lester Flatt and Mac Wiseman

Internet Warning #3
Satan will bring wicked things to you.
♦ 1 Peter 5:8 ♦
♦ Proverbs: 7:12 ♦

Shout Outs!
Pastor David Lee and Debbie Long in Fort Worth, TX
Brother Kenneth Capps, Belnap, IL
Bro. Mike and Sis. Pam Calvert, Indianapolis, IN
Bro. Jim Wiley in Exeter, CA
Sis. Lydia Berry, AL

Don Gibson
♫ Where Else Would I Want To Be

Brad Paisley
♫ Farther Along

Shout Outs!
Sis. Brenda Hooven, Adair County, KY
Bro. and Sis. Darryl and Jackie Peters, Greensburg, IN
Bro. and Sis. Mike and Sandy Whistler, Chiefland, FL
Brother and Sister Sparks, Madison County, KY

Internet Warning #4
No relationship you establish on the
 Internet is more important than your family. 
♦ Proverbs 5:19 ♦

Internet Warning #5
Redeem the time wisely!
Time on the Internet can be a wasted and profitless time! 

Shout Outs!
Bro. Oscar and Sis. Debby Oakley, Scottsboro, OK
Bro. Randy Perry, Amber OK
John David and Helen Long, Fort Worth, TX

Johnny Cash
♫ God Has My Fortune Laid Away

Billy Jo Shaver
♫ I'm Just An Old Chunk of Coal

Jim Reeves
♫ Have Thine Own Way Lord

Call me with prayer requests and 
to suggest songs you'd like to hear on the broadcasts!

Larry Petree
♫ The More You Need Him The More He Can Be Found

Stonewall Jackson
♫ Mama's Bible


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